Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Hump Day!

i mean that figuratively not literally. lol

i just had to think for a minute...yes, yes, it is wednesday. that's how crazy the week has been.

i hope that anyone reading this has a wonderful day, and i'm off to do some holiday shopping on etsy, and running lots of errands this afternoon.

Happy Wednesday All! Mary


Natasha said...

Look at what a happy post this is!! Enjoy your holiday shopping...what is the one special thing you are making for your shop this holiday?? You should feature it here...have a fabulous day! I'm totally coming to play here again

Mary said...

hey natasha! maybe i will learn from checking out your blog. bc even if i knew what i was making special for the holidays, i wouldnt know how to put it here. lol ... is there an acronym for cry out loud? so actually i have some drop dead gorgeous vintage stones that i will be setting and making into some bling in the next few days....... thanks for visiting and i'll see you at your nacho site. .... i have to add it as a blog im following, as soon as i figure it out!

Natasha said...

Mary you are SO funny...I can try to help get pics up here of the fabulousness you create...everyone would LOVE it...and cry out loud...I don't think there is an acronym for it but there so should be...maybe we should simply start the trend here..COL!